United YFL Championships

Since 2011, the United Youth Football League, has been holding annual National Championship for our affiliated organizations.

If you would like your team to join the United YFL Championships, visit our sign-up page and become a part of our family!


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Tony Arena


Co-founder and Executive Director



Co-founder and Executive Director



Co-founder and Executive Director

Happy Coaches & Players

My son has been playing in the United YFL for three years now and he loves it!  The coaches and staff are a great help and are really there for my kid.  Every year that we go to the United YFL Championships, there also so many new people to meet. and my son make new friends every-year that he keep in contact with over the internet.

Thank you United YFL!

Paula Magnusson, Football Mom

The United YFL Championships, puts on a great show!  I love to see how excited all the young players get when they first pull up to the field.

I take my football team always, never miss a year!

Dominique Duplanty, Coach & Dad

My Cheer Squad never misses a beat, or the United YFL Championships.  They really put on a big show each year.  My girls know that every year, the Cheer Championships in Florida, is the place to be.  We will be there this year, guarantee it!!

Stephanie Pabst, Cheer Coach