UYFL: Football Membership

Membership Costs Include:

  • Discounted Insurance - 2022-2023' Rate $310.00 per team
  • Free Roster Management System
  • Administrative Tools and Forms
  • Participation in the (UYFL "Let's Get Em") to college, program
  • Age and Weight National Championship Division (NATIONAL)Unlimited Weight National Championship Division (All America)
  • Division 1 and Division 2 National Championship
  • Cheer, Dance and Step National Championships
  • Mandatory Coaches Certification Program
  • National Academic Recognition and Strive Program
  • Spring National Championships
  • West Coast Bowl Games
  • The First League to establish a players association for kids (YFLPA)
  • National Coach and Player ID System
  • Player Profiles
  • National Team Rankings
  • National Scoreboard
  • National Newsletters - (The Extra Points, etc.)
  • Conference All-Star
  • National UYFL All-Star Game (Future All Americans Bowl) all awarded athletes receive travel and room


*Please note that this does not include insurance.

Price: 25.00 USD


First Time Joining the UYFL?

If you are new the United Youth Football League and wish the join our organization, you must first send us the name of your 'Team'.  Please click on the button below to begin.

If your Team is already apart of the United YFL organization, use the links below to register your membership level.

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Discounted FOOTBALL Sports Insurance

*As a member of the United Youth Football League - recieve a discounted price on Sports Insurance!

EXPIRES JUNE 30th 2023

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